Top 10 Albums of 2017

Here it is, our top 10 albums of 2017! I hope you find something you really enjoy from this list. What records did you like this year? Let us know!

10. Comeback Kid - Outsider: Truly a comeback record. The hardcore legends lost my attention for a few years, but earned it back here quickly and definitively. Scorchers all the way through.

9. Horseneck - Heavy Trip: It is wholly refreshing to hear a band so willing to break out of their genre's conventions (sludge/stoner in this case). It's a risk because it can lead to a disjointed sound, but it paid off big for Horseneck here.

8. Night Demon - Darkness Remains: If you know me, you knew there would be some NWOTHM on here. These guys do it right and bring a unique attitude, while still keeping true to the genre's hallmarks.

7. Witherfall - Nocturnes & Requiems: Dark and melodic metal featuring some fantastic musicianship (especially guitar). It is rare to find unashamed shredding of this caliber that still serves the song well. Great vibes.

6. ROYAL THUNDER - Wick: Howling, dark rock. Lots of attitude, great guitar textures and atmosphere. Another killer album from these guys.

5: Sorcerer - The Crowning of the Fire King: Heavy, mature epic doom. I think Iommi would dig this record. Fantastic vocals and arrangements. Their strongest effort yet.

4. Mutoid Man - War Moans: Man, I liked this record a lot more than I thought I would, and kept coming back for more. These guys are noisy and keep it interesting by doing a little bit of everything.

3. Municipal Waste - Slime and Punishment: What can I say? Everything about this band is great. Scratches that thrash itch from beginning to end.

2. The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic: NFO brought their AOR and yacht rock tendencies to the fore on this outing, and it pays off. The melodies are slicker, the grooves are deeper, and the band are just working it.

1. CLOAK - To Venomous Depths: These guys came out and delivered big with their debut record. Catchy, driving, evil, with an uncanny ability to mix black metal with truly melodic lines. Seriously fun to listen to.

Honorable Mentions: Hell Fire - Free Again, Iced Earth - Incorruptible, Power Trip - Nightmare Logic, Code Orange - Forever, Obituary - s/t

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